Up Next: Pea Pawd

December 1, 2022

Up Next: Pea Pawd

Check out this new brand to ADMC! 



Pea Pawd is new brand of all-natural cat litter made from sustainably farmed field peas! Here is an excerpt from their website:


Our Story

Chad Blaser and Wayne Olson are lifelong friends that grew up in the small town of Fosston, Minnesota. Surrounded by nature, they realized early on how important it is to preserve natural resources. That’s why Pea Pawd litter is made with locally sourced peas.

As it turns out, Chad’s cats were naturally attracted to the field peas that were being used to feed his livestock. Frustrated with his feed getting soiled, Chad joked about making the peas into cat litter. Turns out, it worked… and better than expected!

After months of testing their manufacturing processes and equipment to get just the right consistency, Chad and Wayne made Pea Pawd official. Of course, they also ran extensive tests with their partners in poop… the cats.

Premium Quality Cat Litter

Superior Odor Control. Cats bury their waste for multiple reasons, but most do this to appear non-threatening to dominant cats or to deter predators. By burying their scent they stay safe from harm. As a household cat, they also depend on their humans to survive, which shows us humans are dominant in the home.

Superior Clumping. Clean daily, change monthly. Our litter was created to produce instant clumping to reduce odor and make cleaning a breeze. Superior clumping begins within seconds after your cat vacates their litter box making cleanup quick and easy.

Great for Sensitive Paws. Declawed cats prefer the soft and gentle feel of PeaPawd Natural Cat Litter. Our litter was manufactured with sensitive paws in mind and has been refined to make the “go” easy for cats of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities. Isn’t it time you upgraded your cat litter?



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