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  • Drop Shipments
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  • Transloading Service
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Delivery Service

We have an expansive offering of various types of equipment, operated by drivers with extensive experience to get you the product when you need it, where you need it.

250 Trailers
100 Tractors
35 Straight Trucks
50 Donkeys (Rear-riding forklifts)

What’s included
Next day Delivery throughout the Central U.S.

Place your order on the same day each week and receive your order the next day.

Multiple Deliveries

We can accommodate multiple deliveries per week based on customer needs and location.

Inside Deliveries

We offer hand-deliveries inside the retail store where feasible.

Parcel Package Services

If you need product between delivery days, we offer parcel package deliveries for a minimal charge.

Shipment Tracking

We monitor all shipments and make that information available to you through your account access on our website.

Returns pickup service

We pickup returns on a weekly basis so you don’t have to use valuable storage space for non-revenue generating product.

Drop Shipments
Volume Buying Customers

ADMC offers partial and full truckload discounts specific brands. Contact your ADMC representative for minimum order requirements and discounted pricing.

E-Commerce Fulfillment
E-Commerce Fulfillment

Coming in 2023!

Transloading Service
Transloading Service

Through our sister company American Logistics Services, we have the ability to transload product shipped via rail car to trucks at our facilities in South St. Paul, MN. We can then transfer the product directly to our Distribution Center in Cottage Grove, MN or to a destination of your choosing in the Central and Northern Midwest, minimizing freight costs on inbound product.

Container Processing Services
Container Processing Services

Through our sister company ALS, we have the ability to receive, break-down and palletize product shipped via containers to minimize freight costs on inbound product. In addition, we can store product in our Distribution Center for shipment at future dates to numerous locations within the Central United States.