Coming soon to ADMC: Doog!

March 1, 2023

Coming soon to ADMC: Doog!

Doog is a brand of innovative dog gear to encourage people to get out and ENJOY THEIR WALK with their best friends. 


About Doog

DOOG was founded in 2007 by Jamie and Jessica Knight, lovers of the great outdoors and of course…dogs! The inspiration behind the brand came from the founders’ own need for innovative gear for dog owners. They wanted practical, stylish products for their own daily exercise – running and walking with their dog Wilbur. The Walkie Belt was the first product that they launched, and it won multiple awards for its innovation. The brand has grown to include a wide range of gear to encourage people to get out and enjoy their walk with their best friends. All DOOG products are proudly designed and tested on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. 

Doog Products

Check out dog walking bags and belts, water & snow friendly collars, leads and harnesses, fetch toys, training products and more. 

Neosport Walkie Bag

This stylish collection of dog walking and training gear is made from perforated, lightweight neoprene and available in a sophisticated range of colors & styles designed to match your activewear and casual wardrobe. For those who need to take a little more gear on their walk or hike, this versatile, neoprene cross-body bag holds everything you need for your daily dog adventures while still looking stylish enough to hit the shops after your walk.

Neoflex Soft Harness

Our Soft Harnesses are made from DOOG’s special “Neoflex” material which is kind of  like a lightweight wetsuit harness for dogs! Adjustable in 2 places, they are soft and comfortable for exercise and so great for swimming and playing in the snow. The perfect choice for active, outdoor loving dogs.

Doog Mini Running Belt

This smaller version of the original DOOG Walkie Belt has been for more active dog owners. The Mini Belts hold 20 DOOG pick up bags and have a back pocket for a phone, spare house key and some cash. The elastic waistband makes it comfy for running and fast walking with your dog.

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