Check out our New Brand: Necoichi!

January 23, 2023

Check out our New Brand: Necoichi!

Necoichi is a designer of functional and beautiful cat products! Here is an excerpt from their website:


Our Story

Necoichi was created with the aim to make unique products that cats enjoy. It all started some time ago, after someone said, “I can’t find what I really want for my cat.” That thought stuck with our founder and eventually Necoichi was born. The idea is to give cat owners what they are truly looking for. Necoichi doesn’t want to make products that are chosen by a process of elimination—we want to make products that are the clear winner against the other choices. At Necoichi, we have a deep understanding of the needs of cats and their owners, and with this in mind we develop excellent products that are both beautiful and functional. It’s just that simple.


Truly Unique Cat Products

Cats are complex creatures, which is why Necoichi creates products with a detail-oriented design. For example, their Raised Food Bowls have anatomically correct positioning and height to reduce stress on your cat’s joints and bones. They also feature an anti-spill smart lip to keep things clean while eating and drinking. The bowls include measuring lines to keep track of your pet’s consumption, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Take the hassle out of travel with the Ultra-Light Collapsible Cat Carrier by Necoichi. This convenient carrier is not only stylish, but it’s completely collapsible, convenient, and ultra-comfortable. It’s made from a sturdy fabric that keeps your kitty strong and safe while remaining easy to clean. And the lightweight design allows you to carry your kitty wherever you need to go without lugging extra weight. She’ll be comfortable, you’ll feel at ease—and just like that, you’re on happy trails! When you’re done, simply fold and store this crate away until your next adventure.

Keep the claws out of your furniture with Necoichi’s Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl. It doubles as a scratcher and a lounging bed, and it’s designed with a reversible, replaceable scratching pad. The scratching surface helps keep your feline’s claws strong and healthy, and the natural cornstarch glue makes this scratcher completely chemical-free.


To view these products and many more, check out the Necoichi promotion store here!

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