Whole Food Nutrition Never Tasted So Good With My Perfect Pet!

April 3, 2023

Whole Food Nutrition Never Tasted So Good With My Perfect Pet!

My Perfect Pet offers a line of gently cooked pet food and treats. We use all­ natural, highest quality whole food ingredients—and nothing from China.


About My Perfect Pet

Just as important as how we make our food is why we do it. After losing our dog, Hunter, to contaminated pet food, we made it our mission to advocate for better nutrition and health for all pets.

All of our foods are sourced in the USA, except for lamb which may come from New Zealand or Australia and coconut oil from the Philippines, but still meets our same strict standards. Every supplement is individually sourced for quality and contribution to nutrient profile. All of our products are prepared in our own food licensed commercial kitchen so we maintain the highest possible standards. We prepare our pet food products with the same care you use when preparing meals for your own family.

Not only do dogs and cats love the aroma of freshly cooked meats, they’re safer for pet owners to handle and pets to consume. We gently bake all meats to preserve nutrients and meet the temperatures recommended by the FDA for human food safety. We only use muscle meats—never ground bones/frames, junk meats, by-products, pre-ground, or mechanically deboned meats. We want the best for your pet’s digestive system. Once mixed with vegetables and healthy supplements, all ingredients are ground into small pieces for easy digestion and blended together to achieve an optimal balance of nutrients.

The blended food is formed into bars and immediately frozen, so we never have to use preservatives.

You’ll never see meals, by-­products, glutens, synthetic supplements, GMOs or other fillers listed in our ingredients. Instead, you’ll only find fresh, whole ingredients that are naturally high in nutrients that you can actually recognize and pronounce.

Complete and Balanced, Essential Nutrients

There’s no need to add artificial flavors to our foods. We use real meat, not just meat flavor. My Perfect Pet foods are complete and balanced to meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines. And we don’t stop at “crude” values required for labeling. My Perfect Pet offers additional nutritional analysis for all the essential nutrients based on a dog’s and cat’s ability to digest the food to ensure the right amount of nutrients are being absorbed.

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