Promotion Books

Due to the inconsistency of product supply, it has become extremely difficult to offer promotions where we can guarantee product availability.  Additionally, if we ship promotional product when it becomes available, most manufacturers will not reimburse us for promotional support if the shipment occurs outside of the month when the promotions are active.  Many distributors have either chosen to significantly reduce the promotions they offer or eliminate them altogether.  At ADMC, we have chosen to take a different approach that we hope will enable you to continue taking advantage of promotional discounts without the frustration of backordered or canceled promotional orders.

Beginning in March, we will be moving our printed monthly promotions catalog to our online promotional platform at  For every item listed, we will be increasing our inventories prior to publishing the promotions online to help ensure that promotional orders ship with the highest fill rates possible.  As inventories are depleted on a particular promotion, the listing will be pulled from the site.  Considering many of the promotions sell-through quickly, we encourage you to place your order immediately as we will only be able to offer these items on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  We are hoping that the benefits of this approach will be a reliable and consistent supply of promotional orders, a wider and more frequent offering of promotions.  As we roll-out this new service, we encourage your feedback so we can modify and refine this platform to give you more value and make your life easier!

Thank you for your business,
Jon Duclos